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Jimmy, Clark Kent and Lana Lang's friend, is ashamed that his father works as a doorman at the Smallville theater. His opinion changes when Superboy is able to thwart a robbery with Jimmy's...

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Jimmy, Clark Kent and Lana Lang's friend, is ashamed that his father works as a doorman at the Smallville theater. His opinion changes when Superboy is able to thwart a robbery with Jimmy's father's help. With today, April 18, 2018, marking the 80th birthday of Superman as he made his debut on the cover and pages of Action Comics # 1 cover-dated June 1938 on today's date of that year, I thought I'd review some obscure items of his on this site. Earlier today, I reviewed the TV version of his Broadway musical which starred David Wilson from 1975. This review is of John Rockwell's portrayal of The Man of Steel as a teen boy of Smallville in what turned out to be the only ep of The Adventures of Superboy. Whitney Ellsworth who previously produced The Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves decided to do this one of Supes' younger years after Reeves died suddenly of undermined causes. While the previous series was in color most of the time, it was decided to go back to black-and-white for this initial entry so Rockwell wore a brown-and-gray suit instead of the blue-and-red one. Anyway, this initial ep has The Son of Krypton trying to catch some crooks involving some diamonds. I'll stop there and just say how intriguing it was seeing Clark Kent's alter ego using his superhearing to detect how one of the crooks was lying after listening to his heartbeat which is heard on the soundtrack. This was quite an exciting pilot to watch on YouTube just now. 12 more scripts were written and General Mills expressed interest in using their cereal Wheaties to sponsor the show but competitor Kellogg's-which had previously and was still sponsoring The Adventures of Superman in syndication-did not want the competition so that kaput any more eps of the Superboy program. Too bad as I liked Rockwell as the teen Clark Kent along with Bunny Henning as Clark's female friend, Lana Lang. Like I said, it's on YouTube if you're interested... "The Adventures of Superboy" is a pilot episode for a television series that was never approved by the networks. It is available to see on YouTube (as are quite a few other failed pilots) and it's surprisingly good considering it was ultimately a failure.

John Rockwell plays the title character. He is pretty much the Superboy you'd expect--living in Smallville and dating Lana. The crimes he has to contend with are two which are related--an attack on a police car by an armed gunman and the robbery of some jewels at a local theater. Helping Superboy and the police is the doorman at the theater...a man whose son had been a bit ashamed of him because of his seemingly lowly job. By the end, of course, all is right and the boy has gained greater respect for good old dad.

The only serious flaw in the show was a problem with the plot. Supposedly the gunman shooting at the police car was a diversion and both his gang leader AND the cops said that the most they could charge him with was 'malicious mischief' and he'd get 6 months! Umm....he shot at a cop AND Superboy and so attempted murder and 10- 20 years would be more like it!! Otherwise, well made AND entertaining...and a profound loss that more were never made.


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